We’ve all looked in the mirror this week.

We’ve seen things that need to change.

We’ve grown more confident in some areas & more insecure in others.

Work on those things. Now.

Tragedy, especially one that impacts the entire globe, allows us that opportunity; that gift; that reflection.

As you reflect on your family, the strength of your leadership within your marriages & relationships, your leadership as a parent and role model, as a friend, as a co-worker

…the types of roles legacies are built by

…be sure to reflect on your purpose and value in the trade you’re in as well. It matters.

Find ways to make a positive impact.

Don’t allow complacency to fester; to build regret.

Trust your leadership, and be guided by a genuine desire to see people spared from tragedy; a desire to serve; a desire to bring health and well-being to whomever you interact with.

So as you reflect this week, allow that vision you see for yourself to take root and become a reality in your life.

Don’t let this opportunity go by.

Don’t go back to the status quo.

Your role is needed, it’s valued, it’s appreciated and it plays a necessary role in the positive changes you want to see around you.